GCEd – Online and Hybrid Teaching


Teaching requirements have changed significantly with the increased use of technology, meaning all educators need to take their skills to the next level! Teaching in an online or hybrid environment has become a core part of the school environment, but knowing how to use these new tools is not enough. It is critical that online teachers understand the pedagogy behind successful and engaging digital programs for students.

This credential program teaches this pedagogy by focusing on 6 standard-aligned online education domains and offering pathways to best practices for teachers. Core competencies mastered include demonstrating understanding of online curriculum, platforms, and student performance in both virtual and hybrid school systems. Courses cover the following topics as they relate to online and hybrid teaching environments: Professional Responsibilities, Digital Citizenship, Digital Pedagogy and Learner Engagement, Community Building, Diverse Instruction, Assessment and Measurement, Instructional Design and Online Course Development Standards, Best Practices, and more.

This course is taught in a hybrid model to establish and model best practices. Lessons are asynchronous to allow learners to work at their own pace, but include bi-weekly, synchronous opportunities to engage in live meetings with online learning experts.


  • Earn a professionally recognized global credential for teaching in online schools or to improve your skills for teaching in a hybrid or blended learning environment (*Must have earned Baccalaureate degree to begin program)
  • Participate in a global community & program of study
  • Credential programs approved by global school accreditors
  • Includes access to annual subscription membership benefits, thousands of online courses, and live events
  • Blockchain credentials to ensure security of your data and portability of verified globally recognized education credentials

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$395 ea
  • Full access to course
$749 ea
  • Full access to course
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